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Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey

UW-Madison will be participating in a national sexual assault climate survey in spring 2015. Click here for more information.


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End Violence on Campus Team

The UHS End Violence on Campus (EVOC) team is dedicated to preventing violence before it happens and helping address the needs of sexual assault dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking victims after it happens. evoc@uhs.wisc.edu

EVOC Victim Advocacy & Survivor Services

UHS End Violence on Campus (EVOC) provides free victim advocacy and confidential support to student victim/survivors of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and /or stalking. UHS EVOC also leads a weekly drop-in Empowerment and Trauma Recovery Support Group.

Victim Services

Resources for Victims

If you or someone you know needs help after a sexual assault because of an abusive partner, UW-Madison and its community partners offer help to those in need.

Tonight for Freshmen and Transfer Students

Tonight is an online program for all first-year students. This program addresses sexual assault, dating violence, and consent, “Tonight” both empowers you to make decisions that keep you safe and provides concrete solutions to sticky situations. Additionally, you’ll learn about all of the resources available on campus and in the greater Madison area dedicated to helping victims, holding perpetrators accountable, and preventing violence. If you are a first year student, click here to log on. If you would like more information about the program, click here. All first-year and transfer students must complete Tonight before they can register for Spring 2015 classes.


Learn more about sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking and how you can help create a supportive environment for survivors.
Sexual Assault | Dating Violence | Stalking | Prevention Program for Graduate Students, Faculty, Staff | Information for Parents

Student Leadership

Check out some of the amazing work students are doing at UW-Madison to prevent sexual assault and dating violence, promote healthy sexual behavior, and be advocates for social change:  PAVE | GMVP

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